What Are Some Good Computers for Schools?

There are many choices of computers for students, including Asus Chromebook Flip, Apple MacBook Air 13 and the Dell Inspirion 17-inch 5000 series. Any choices made for students are going to be dependent on any guidelines or requirements that the school has, notes PC Magazine, Tech Radar and Computer Shopper. If there are guidelines for the computers, schools should provide that information along with the other required information for the new year.

One of the most popular styles of computers are the flip or switch computers, like the Asus Chromebook Flip. The reason these are popular is due to the fact that they can function as a tablet or as a laptop. This allows them to be folded into a tablet for taking notes in class or to fit easier on a desk, but provides the sturdy keyboard and typical laptop set up for doing research or writing school papers.

Other considerations to keep in mind is the size and battery life. The Apple MacBook Air is only 13 inches, making it a good size for carrying to class. The Dell Inspiration 17 is much bigger, but also has a faster processor and a larger hard drive, which means that students can save more documents and research to it. The battery on the Apple lasts longer so it could make it through a whole school day without having to charge it. This can be a reason for students to take smaller features in other areas.