What Are Some Good Colleges in the United States?

What Are Some Good Colleges in the United States?

Some good colleges in the United States include Columbia, Brown, Yale and the University of Pennsylvania. These prestigious colleges are all highly selective and academically rigorous.

Located in New York City, Columbia is one of the most expensive colleges for undergraduates, but the school offers significant opportunities for students, including prestigious internships and proximity to major cultural centers. Columbia’s faculty rank at the top of their fields, and the school’s Core Curriculum is rigorous but highly respected.

Brown is the most liberal of the prestigious Ivy League colleges, offering few mandatory courses, optional grades and the opportunity for students to design their own majors. The school is known for its strong programs in math, medicine and computer science, and Brown also boasts the fourth-largest sports program in the country.

Yale is another of the nation’s most prestigious colleges, boasting a variety of Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners on its faculty. Although the school is one of the most selective in the United States, Yale also offers some of the best financial aid, and most students graduate debt-free. Yale offers a traditional liberal arts education, with an emphasis on writing, foreign language and qualitative reasoning.

The University of Pennsylvania is particularly renowned for its business and economics programs, and a degree from the school’s Wharton business program is highly desirable among employers. The school also boasts one of the country’s highest graduation rates, with 96 percent of students earning a degree.