What Are Some Good Colleges for Studying Oceanography?

What Are Some Good Colleges for Studying Oceanography?

Students can attend highly rated oceanography schools across the country, including University of California, Davis and Texas A&M University. Florida State University also offers a highly rated oceanography program.

Located in Tallahassee, Florida State University maintains a highly competitive oceanography program. While the school offers no undergraduate options, students can pursue a Master's or Ph.D. Specific subject offerings include biological, chemical and physical oceanography courses. Florida State University is listed among US News and World Report's top geoscience universities in the world.

Texas A&M offers several undergraduate and Master's level programs. Undergraduates can choose to minor in Oceanography or take an intensive 24 credit hour course to obtain an Oceanography Observation Certificate. To earn a Master of Science in Oceanography, students take courses in biology, geology and physical science.

The University of California, Davis also allows students to minor in oceanography. The core courses of the program teach students the major disciplines of oceanography, while the elective course offerings allow each student to tailor the curriculum around their individual interests. UC Davis is also included on the US News list of top geoscience universities.

In the north western region of the country, The University of Washington operates a highly rated oceanography program. Students can choose to pursue a minor, a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Arts or a Master's degree. The school also manages a partnership with the Seattle Aquarium to give students a variety of outreach opportunities.