What Are Some Good Colleges for Potential Lawyers?

Some good colleges for potential lawyers include Hamline University, New York University and Hofstra University. These school all offer respected pre-law programs for students considering law degrees.

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Hamline University ranks as one of the nation’s top part-time law programs, and the school also offers a pre-law program for undergraduates through its legal department. Hamline’s pre-law curriculum offers courses on the legal system, legal research and logic. The undergraduate pre-law program funnels into the university’s School of Law, which offers both Master of Laws and Juris Doctor programs.

New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences offers training for potential lawyers through the Barbara and Evan Chesler Pre-law Program. The prestigious undergraduate program gives students the opportunity to work with a pre-law advisor who can help with course selections best tailored to law school. The school also offers undergraduate courses focusing on a range of legal subjects, from hospitality law to tourism law. Juniors and seniors at NYU can join the school’s Lawyer Alumni Mentoring Program, through which lawyer alumni share advice with aspiring law students.

Located in Hempstead, New York, Hofstra University offers a pre-law degree through its pre-professional studies program. The school’s pre-law curriculum includes courses in history, political science, public speaking and legal studies. Students at Hofstra also study modern technology’s effects on the legal system.