How Do You Get Into a Good College?


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Strategies to increase the chance of admission to a good college include planning a productive high school education, taking on academic challenges and applying to a limited selection of colleges. As college admissions become increasingly competitive, these strategies can help a student stand out.

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In the competitive world of college admissions, planning often starts at the beginning of high school. Start high school with a four-year plan, mapping out potential classes. For example, taking calculus as a senior is a desirable move for many of the most selective colleges, but it requires taking geometry as a freshman.

Students who aren't on track early in high school can improve admission chances by taking summer school or doubling up on math and science classes as a junior or senior. It's also important to take classes that offer a substantial challenge. Colleges want to see high levels of achievement in subjects that interest a student. That means not coasting during senior year by taking easy classes.

Students who narrow down the selection of colleges they apply to often stand a better chance of getting into a top-choice school. Application processes can be exhausting, and focusing time and effort on applying to six schools rather than twelve means those six applications likely will be stronger.

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