What Are Some Good Classroom Science Projects for Middle Schoolers?


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Some good classroom science projects for middle school students are make a pinhole camera, designing nature's way, strong structures from flimsy materials, teaching machines to think fuzzy and listening for rings from space, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA. These projects combine group exercises, activities and discussion to teach students about specific scientific disciplines.

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Students can make a pinhole camera using materials such as a cardboard cereal box and film canister. This project uses photography to teach students aspects of engineering, astronomy and physics. Strong structures from flimsy materials teaches students engineering design by having them build a truss model from paper and string. this model is a representation of a solar sail and shows students how lightweight material can be strong when designed properly. Math and logic forms the basis for teaching machines to think fuzzy. In this project, students learn how a computer or robot can be taught to solve complex problems like humans.

Other science projects that are good for middle school students include Pluto or bust, team up on the weather, reinventing time, solve the mystery of the gases, taking apart the light, launch a Frisbee into orbit and sizing up the clouds, notes NASA.

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