Which Good Books Can You Use to Get Mathematics Answers?

Math programs such as Math By Design, Prentice Hall Mathematics and the Saxon math curriculum have answer keys or solution manuals either in the textbooks themselves or in accompanying volumes. Some of these answer keys are available as hard copies, while others exist online in PDF or a similar format.

Saxon's math curriculum spans from kindergarten and elementary math to high school algebra and calculus. The lower grade books come with teacher's editions that contain answers to student problems. The higher grades have both teacher's editions and solution manuals that guide students step by step through correctly solving the problems in the student editions. The high school level textbooks have accompanying answer keys rather than teacher editions, and these answer keys are distinct from the larger solution manuals. The answer keys only give direct answers to the problems without providing solutions.

The Prentice Hall Mathematics series offers similar resources, such as solution manuals and teacher editions that accompany a select number of the math textbooks. Educators can purchase these materials from the Pearson School website.

Math By Design is a math supplement program that teaches math concepts through fictional scenarios. The program's website provides PDF versions of the answer keys to several of the math problems presented through the scenarios.