What Are Some Good Aristotle Quotes?

What Are Some Good Aristotle Quotes?

Some good Aristotle quotes are "happiness depends on ourselves" and "he is happy who lives in accordance with complete virtue." Many of Aristotle's most notable quotes relate to happiness, but he also talked about justice, including his quote that "between friends there is no need for justice."

Aristotle believed that finding happiness is the central purpose of human life. Aristotle believed that a person becomes happy when he lives a virtuous life. A person needs to care for both his physical and mental health in order to achieve happiness.

Another Aristotle quote that relates to happiness is "happiness, then, is co-extensive with contemplation." He said that the more a person thinks about happiness, the happier he becomes. Aristotle believed that happiness happens intentionally. That is, a person becomes happy through deliberately thinking about happiness and purposefully taking action to become happy.

Aristotle believed that ultimately achieving happiness often means resisting temptation for something that is immediately pleasurable in favor of something that requires longer-term work. He said that contemplation is "the highest form of activity." According to Aristotle, intellectual reflection and contemplation is the highest function that a human undertakes during life.

The philosopher also talked about friendship. He said that a true friendship does not need justice, and he went on to say that just people need only quality friendships. He went on to say that friendship is the truest form of justice. Aristotle said that bad friendships create a negative effect on a person, but good friendships increase a person's goodness. "They seem even to become better men by exercising their friendship and improving each other," he argues.