What Are Some Good Anesthesia Technician Schools?

Three good anesthesia technician schools include Pulaski Technical College in North Little Rock, Arkansas; Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California; and City College, which has multiple Florida locations. These schools are good because they all have coursework that meets the guidelines of the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians. This allows graduates to sit for certification to become an anesthesia technician, mentions City College.

Pulaski Technical College offers anesthesia technology studies as a concentration in its allied health associate degree program. This program is good because the college has a local hospital partnership and connections with other hospitals where students can get hands-on training from professionals. Distance education is also available.

Pasadena City College offers an anesthesia technician program leading to both a certificate and associate degree. Students take courses to learn about pharmacology, professionalism, equipment and principles of anesthesia technology. What also makes this program good is that students also benefit from working at clinical sites for hands-on experience.

Florida's City College has locations in Altamonte Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Gainesville and Miami. This associate degree program features opportunities for students to learn to sterilize equipment, handle patients, deal with pain management and perform anesthetic procedures. Graduates are eligible to take the exams to be a Certified Anesthesia Technician or Certified Anesthesia Technologist, notes City College.