What Are Some Good After-School Program Activities?

What Are Some Good After-School Program Activities?

After-school program activity ideas include homework help, creative arts, physical activity, hobby exploration and fun, hands-on learning activities such as science experiments. Activities should allow for student choice and input to engage the kids.

After spending all day in the classroom, kids should have the chance to move, be creative and have some choice in what they do. The program activities should follow a predictable schedule with flexibility within that schedule to engage kids in active learning and entertainment.

Homework help gives kids a chance to complete school work before going home. Staff members support learning from the school day by assisting with the homework. The program can also extend learning through hands-on learning activities. Students might build a ramp to explore science concepts or make a 3D model of the city as a social studies project.

Physical activity allows the kids to burn off energy after sitting still for much of the day. Group games encourage teamwork and participation while getting the kids active. Free play time on the playground is another option.

Art activities encourage creativity in the after-school program. Options include visual arts, drama, music and dance. Exploring hobbies is a way to incorporate choice and student input in the programming. One way to do this is to plan interest clubs. Students choose to participate in clubs focusing on different hobbies such as cooking, drawing, reading, sewing, technology or gardening.