What Are Some Good After-School Craft and Activity Ideas?


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Some good after-school activities include having children act out a book they are reading in school, volunteering at a local animal shelter or charity, and creating a time capsule. Some crafts for after school include making origami animals, making a hopscotch mat or painting designs on plain sneakers.

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Many activities and crafts revolve around reading, which is important for children even after school has let out. One activity is a type of reading challenge wherein the children have some milestones to meet, such as a time limit and number of books to read. Facilitators can also hand out prizes for reaching milestones. Another good option is to create a skit from the books read.

Origami animals are fun and easy to make, as long as there are detailed instructions. This is an ideal activity for after school one afternoon or during a day when the weather is bad. Any type of paper can be used for origami animals, even just paper napkins. For origami animals, the paper just needs to be square-shaped. Some possible animals include bears, bunnies and dogs.

Kids with a little more creativity can take their solid-color sneakers and paint them. This project is ideal on lighter-colored sneakers and white ones, but any color will do. Facilitators give the kids some fabric pens, markers or paint and have them create any design they want on the sneakers.

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