What Is Some Good Advice for an Underclassman?

Good advice for an underclassman is to prepare for college and the future. Students should form strong bonds with teachers, take grades and standardized tests seriously, and thoroughly research career options.

High school freshmen, sophomores and juniors need to focus on planning and organizing.The onslaught of scholarship applications, college brochures and other important documents necessitates an orderly system to prevent the student from falling behind. To practice organizational skills, underclassmen can keep personal space, such as bedrooms and lockers, organized. They can also begin to think about time management. These two important skills are valuable in college and beyond.

It's also important for underclassmen to have respectful relationships with teachers, counselors and administrators. Future letters of recommendation and references are vital. Students should strive to stand out among other job and scholarship applicants.

Additionally, maintaining grade point average is important as it shows colleges your academic strengths. Preparation for standardized tests, including any AP tests, the PSAT and the SAT, is crucial. These tests are used to consider college admission. Underclassmen should not procrastinate researching colleges and majors. A realistic view of the cost of higher education is essential when considering college applications.

While underclassmen don't need to choose a major immediately, they should list careers and educational programs that best fit their interests.