What Are Some Good Activities for Kindergarten in Spanish?


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Some good activities to teach kindergartners Spanish include singing class songs, playing games and using worksheets and other exercises to practice vocabulary words, suggests The School at Columbia University. Worksheets are available that teachers and parents can use to help kindergartners learn vocabulary words in Spanish and practice their writing and spelling skills.

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Teachers can have kindergartners sing class songs in Spanish about everyday topics such as colors, body parts, numbers, family and greetings, mentions Charter Oak Primary School. Some examples of such songs are "Colores," "Buenos Dias" and "My Familia Grande." Along with singing these songs, teachers can provide opportunities for students to speak to each other in Spanish, such as basic introductions, as well as play games that get children to identify everyday objects in Spanish.

Teachers can also choose from several worksheet activities and word lists to help kindergartners recall Spanish words. For example, teachers may give kids word lists for topics such as numbers, food, animals, items in the classroom, family, colors, greetings, body parts and days of the week. Worksheets that require students to color-by-number, recognize objects and write what they are and practice spelling words from a list are helpful for Spanish vocabulary development, suggests KindergartenWorksheets. Teachers can also use flashcards as a supplemental activity.

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