What Are Some Good 5th Grade Science Projects?


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Some science projects suitable for grade five students include making potato power, making electricity, causing a chemical reaction, creating a bottle tornado and throwing marshmallows, according to Education.com. Other projects cover experiments with quicksand and growing borax crystals.

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What Are Some Good 5th Grade Science Projects?
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The project of creating a potato battery has students use a potato to power a small device, such as a digital clock, as explained by Education.com. Students use copper wiring and a battery to create a charge between two potatoes.

Science projects that examine the reflexes of the body are recommended for fifth graders by the neuroscience faculty of the University of Washington. One such project involves students observing the variations in eye pupil size at different lighting levels. In another recommended project, students experiment with the automatic reflex reaction by hitting the right spot just below the knee. The blinking reflex can be examined through a project that involves throwing cotton balls at the eye.

Science projects investigating the behavior and properties of water, such as creating a model lake to understand the properties of sand, gravel and rocks, are recommended by the Inquiry Project of Tufts University and the National Science Foundation. The project may include measuring and collecting data, such as volume and weight, to learn about the construction of lakes.

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