What Are Some Good 4th Grade Spelling Word Lists?


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Some good spelling word lists for fourth graders are available on the K12 Reader, Time 4 Learning and Super Teacher Worksheets websites. K12 Reader's lists are a good choice because they're grouped by week and focus on commonly misspelled words, notes K12 Reader. Time 4 Learning's lists are geared toward words focused on in the fourth grade curriculum, while Super Teacher Worksheets' lists are good for focusing on spelling words with a certain sound in them.

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K12 Reader has 36 weeks of spelling lists for fourth graders, and each is available in the Portable Document Format for printing. There is also a master spelling list for the school year for teachers to use and a document with dictation sentences for spelling practice. Some of the themes in the word lists include words with the long "o" sound, ending in "al," "el," "edge," "idge" and "age." Sight words and academic vocabulary are emphasized.

Time 4 Learning offers a long fourth grade spelling word list on its website. It focuses on words with infections as well as those with certain suffixes (such as '-tion") and prefixes (such as "in-" and "ex-"), states Time 4 Learning. The site also features worksheets and spelling lessons teachers can use.

Super Teacher Worksheets offers fourth grade spelling units that contain several lists within them. These lists focus on words with short and long vowel sounds. Also available are worksheets, spelling tests and master word lists for teachers.

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