What Are Some Good 100th Day of School Items?


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Some fun items to bring to celebrate the 100th day of school are crayons, coins, colored beans and jelly beans. Finger foods such as M&Ms, cereal, popcorn and dried macaroni are great items for kids to use. Before sending candy or food to the classroom for the 100th day celebration, parents should confer with the teacher about food policies.

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The 100th day of school is a cause for celebration in most classes. Depending on the theme in the classroom, students can bring items that relate to current discussions. For example, if a first grade classroom is studying nature, feathers, seashells and goldfish crackers are fun options that fit into the unit. The class can also make a "100 Animals" list together.

Students studying music can bring a list of 100 famous songs, 100 used CDs or a list of 100 famous musicians. Children can bring art supplies for the classroom to help fund the art unit. Watercolors, construction paper, buttons, markers or glue sticks are great items to bring for the 100th day of school. Children can use the art supplies to make a collaborative art project to display on the classroom wall. Other fun art items are modeling clay, playing cards, stamps and cotton balls.

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