What Goes in a Design Student Portfolio?

What Goes in a Design Student Portfolio?

Design students' portfolios should contain examples of their best works. While requirements vary by college, the portfolio should include several high quality images of unique design works and the student's resume.

The purpose of students' design portfolios is highlighting their abilities and interest. The content of the portfolio should focus on the quality of the student's work. As such, any images within the portfolio must be large and with a clear view of the student's construction.

Schools have specific requirements. For example, they may require students include pictures of their actual work as well as digital images showing understanding of a target concept related to their field of design. For a more artistic major, the college may require students include a sketchbook.

When choosing which works go into the portfolio, students should look for pieces that show their unique voice. To do this, they should create a statement describing their specific design styles, and then look for elements of that style in their work. The pieces they choose for the portfolio can exemplify that style as a whole or showcase the development of that style over time.

The overall look of the portfolio should be professional and marketable. The student's chosen works should display versatility within different skill sets. The portfolio should indicate the student's flexibility to cater to different clients' needs.