What Are Some Goals of a Good Teacher?

What Are Some Goals of a Good Teacher?

Teach.com lists goals of good teachers pertaining to educating, inspiring, changing and learning. These personal goals affect not only the teacher but also her students past, present and future.

The goal to educate encompasses the idea that the teacher shares her knowledge with her students, allowing them to learn and grow. Not only does she share the information, she works to be sure the students understand it by testing, quizzing, applying it and grading the information. This is how she knows that her goal is being accomplished.

Teachers hope to inspire by being a good role model. She helps her students see their full potential, shoot for and attain their own personal goals and participate in classroom learning.

One way a teacher is able to change is by attaining a higher degree, such as a Master's degree. This broadens the professional opportunities for the teacher, allowing her to become an administrator or a member of the local or state level board of education. Teachers want to affect change not only in their students but also for education in general.

Good teachers plan to learn for the rest of their lives. This means not only do they attend professional development opportunities and continue their own education, but they also learn from their students. This helps good teachers tweak future lessons and units for more effective learning in the future.