How Is the Glencoe Teacher's Edition Different From the Normal Textbook?

How Is the Glencoe Teacher's Edition Different From the Normal Textbook?

Instructor editions of Glencoe textbooks differ from student editions by providing extra pedagogical materials. Some common Instructor extras include lesson plans, answer keys, chapter tests, slides and other teaching materials.

Glencoe, which is a division of McGraw Hill as of 2015, publishes textbooks for both the K-12 and higher education markets. Its educational materials include print textbooks, online textbooks, hybrid textbooks and online adaptive learning modules. In all of its materials, its instructor editions and access codes provide pedagogical resources normally unavailable to students.

The resources that accompany instructor editions vary among products, and a common instructor resource is a test accompanied by an answer key. Many instructor editions also have instructor manuals that include tips on how to use the text in a classroom and suggested learning activities. Other texts may be accompanied by visual or audio materials that the instructor can use in the classroom.

Increasingly, textbooks incorporate online elements. In some cases, instructor access codes provide access to additional pedagogical resources. In other cases, instructor access enables instructors to set up supplemental online activities for students and to link those resources with learning management software. Other online instructor resources might include online tests or test generators and adaptive learning modules. Online resources that seamlessly integrate online testing with electronic grade books are especially useful for many teachers.

Glencoe-McGraw Hill provides free instructor editions and electronic access to instructor materials for designated course instructors using a specific textbook. However, it only does so after verifying the instructors' identities.