How Do You Give a Speech?


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To give a speech, plan an outline of what to say, practice the delivery with facial expressions, tone of voice and body language, and prepare multimedia components to accompany the speech. Rehearsing the speech in advance helps to time the delivery.

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  1. Plan what to say

    Determine a theme for the topic, and create note cards, an outline or a script for the speech. The speech should include a clear beginning with an opening statement that captures the interest of the audience right away, a middle which dives into the primary points of the speech, and an ending that reiterates the main points and leaves the audience with a clear message.

  2. Prepare multimedia elements

    Add visual elements to the speech to engage the audience. For example, a slideshow presentation with bullet points, text, images or graphics may help illustrate the main points of the speech effectively. A video relevant to the topic or screenshots of social media or websites to show during the speech may also help persuade attendees.

  3. Focus on delivery

    Present material with confidence by speaking in an audible tone, emphasizing the primary points with inflections in the tone of voice, and acting naturally with body language that is subtle and free from distracting movements. Speak slowly and clearly during delivery.

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