How Do You Give an Effective Welcome Speech at a Conference?

give-effective-welcome-speech-conference Credit: Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/OJO+/Getty Images

Deliver an effective welcome speech at a conference by knowing the topics to be presented during the conference, who the attendees are, what they want to learn, and how the conference will meet their expectations, states Forbes. Effective welcome speeches also engage, inspire and energize participants about the event.

Work in preparing an effective welcome speech begins well before the first day of the conference. It is important to understand the conference itself, including what workshops are available, along with other learning opportunities participants have. You also must understand your audience. Ask yourself who they are and what they want to learn by attending this particular conference.

When beginning your speech, make the attendees feel welcome. Encourage them to be active participants and remind them that they have something to offer their fellow attendees. Provide information about the conference, including workshops, exhibitors, vendors and networking opportunities. Don't simply provide information already available in the brochure.

Remind the audience why they entered that field in general. For instance, at a medical conference, remind participants of the difference they make in people's lives and health. If the conference is related more to hobbies, ask the participants to think about how they became interested in the topic. Tie their motivation and interests in the field to what they can get out of the conference. Get them excited and energized to learn more and try something new.

Close your speech with a call for the guests to enjoy the conference as an opportunity to learn, but also to relax and renew themselves.