What Are Some Girly Names?


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Names like Anastasia, Isabella, Evangeline and other names that have multiple syllables and feminine sounds are some examples of "girly" names. Baby name websites are reliable resources to look for girly names.

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Names that are typically seen as girly or feminine seem to feature a lot of longer names with three or four syllables, such as Isabella or Juliana, or double-letter sounds such as Liliana. Other girly names simply seem feminine because they evoke images in the mind that are typically seen as feminine, such as Scarlett or Valentina. Scarlett and Valentina may both make someone think of love or pretty things. Other names that likely seem girly and feminine are flower names, or names derived from flowers, such as Rosalie, Lily, Florence, Iris, Bryony or Daisy. Another option is to name a girl after a city that is perceived to be romantic, such as Savannah.

Other names that are considered feminine include glamorous ones derived from fashion, such as Chanel, Crystal or Lacie. Girly names depend on personal tastes and what evokes feminine images and thoughts for each person. Some may have a soft sound, while others may be bolder. They can evoke thoughts of flowers, nature or glamorous celebrities.

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