What Does the German Word "über" Mean?


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The German word "über" literally means "over" or "above" and can be used as a prefix to add a level of superiority to the word it modifies, as in "überflieger," meaning "high-flyer." Über's current use in American English, usually without the umlaut, is generally interchangeable with "super," "ultra" or "mega."

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Some examples of current usage of the German word "über" in American English to denote a superior example of a person type are "uberbabe," "uberregulator" and "ubermodel." The app-based car ride sharing service Uber, which began as a start-up company called Uber Cab in 2009, has brought a new use of the word as both a noun and verb, with people talking about *Getting an Uber" or "Ubering home."

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