How Do You Take German Language Lessons Online?

German language lessons are available to take online by signing up for programs such as Rosetta Stone and Fluenz through their Web pages. Learners can also take free German language lessons through offers a number of online German lessons for free and provides a community learners must sign up for to obtain more advanced lessons. The free lessons consist of 10 beginner lessons, 24 advanced lessons and a way to test to see how advanced a person's German is at any point. The beginner lessons include German exercises, example exercises and an alphabetical word list. The advanced German lessons are separated into three levels and includes new German orthography tips and German exercises in each level.

Rosetta Stone offers paid online German lessons, is known for its speech recognition programs and has been around for over 20 years. It also offers a free demo of any language it offers through its Web page. offers up to five levels of German lessons at a price. Customers can purchase these programs individually or in bundles. The programs it offers can be used on numerous types of electronic devices, and the lessons it provides teach learners to read, write and speak German through a system that is targeted toward adults and teens.