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The Georgia OAS was Georgia's Online Assessment System, a tool that provided school districts with several resources involved in standardized testing. The Georgia Department of Education discontinued the OAS in 2014, and it introduced new tools to perform similar functions.

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The OAS worked by providing students and teachers access to the most common end-of-term tests used by the Georgia Department of Education. These included the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, the Georgia Writing Tests, the End of Course Tests and the Georgia High School Graduation Tests. Students could take the tests directly online and were also able to view their results for most of the test types immediately after completing the exam. In addition to the tests themselves, the OAS provided students with preparation and study materials for each of the exams.

After the OAS was discontinued, the Georgia Online Formative Assessment Resource, known as GOFAR, took over many of its former functions. Like the OAS, GOFAR allows students to prepare for and complete examinations online. Because the Georgia Department of Education discontinued many of the older tests, GOFAR's materials prepare students for the newer Georgia Milestones assessment system as well as the National Assessment of Educational Progress. GOFAR also gives instructors and administrators access to more powerful analytic tools than the earlier OAS.

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