What Is Generally Included on a School Sports Physical Form?

A school sports physical form provides a space for the student's personal information such as name, address, date of birth, age and parental contacts. The form also requests medical history for the student that includes a record of vaccinations required by the state and questions regarding the child's overall health condition.

School sports physical forms include legal verbiage that parents must sign to give the school consent to treat the student in the event of a medical emergency. Some schools also require the student to sign the physical form, accepting the conditions of participation in a particular sport. The sport or sports the student plans to participate in must be detailed on the school sports physical form as well.

A portion of the school sports physical form must be completed by a medical professional. After an exam or evaluation, medical professionals must verify that the child is in an acceptable physical condition to participate in the sport. Examination details are recorded on the sports physical form such as height, weight, blood pressure rate, vision test results and pulse rate. The medical professional should indicate any underlying medical conditions or previous surgeries or treatments that may impact the child's overall health when participating in a school sport.