What Are the General Standards for Writing by the Sixth Grade?

The general Common Core writing standards for sixth graders include clarity and logical progression of arguments and the abilities to write informatively and selectively on a topic and thoughtfully structure narrative sequences. Sixth graders are also expected to be able to appropriately cater their writing to a specific task and audience, redraft their writing in light of feedback and write or type over extended and shorter time frames, as required by a task.

The ability to logically structure arguments is demonstrated by the introduction of a claim and the presentation of evidence in support of that claim. The use of vocabulary, clauses and phrases to explain how the claim is supported by the evidence, as well as a concluding statement that logically follows from the initial claim, is also expected of sixth grade writing standards.

Informative writing is expected to show an ability to organize ideas; for instance, with the use of headings and definitions. Such writing should remain relevant to the topic, using precise language and vocabulary specific to the area of study.

Structured narrative writing is expected to engage the reader with a context and characters or narrator, as well as progress logically, demonstrating an understanding of narrative techniques. These include pacing, dialogue and descriptive sequences.