What General Information Is Found in Holt Mathematics Textbooks?


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All Holt textbooks contain lessons involving the real number system, equations, and inequalities. Holt McDougal publishes mathematics textbooks that cover a very broad range of mathematical concepts, from middle school-level introduction to algebra to high school-level algebra 2 and geometry.

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The three Holt McDougal middle school math textbooks, titled "Holt McDougal Mathematics Courses 1-3," cover topics including number theory, fractions, basic measurement, geometry, statistics and probability. Holt McDougal algebra textbooks, titled "Holt Algebra 1" and "Holt Algebra 2," cover equations and inequalities in depth, as well as more advanced data analysis, probability, radical functions, matrices and polynomials, in addition to sequences and series. The Holt geometry textbook, titled "Holt Geometry," covers parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles, parallelograms, circles, and transformational geometry, among other topics.

Holt mathematics textbooks are a popular choice among many American middle schools and high schools, and are designed to accompany a large array of school courses. The Holt McDougal publishing company was formed in 2008 after Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, which was then a division of Harcourt Education, was sold to Houghton Mifflin. Holt, Rinehart and Winston merged with McDougal Littell to form Holt McDougal. Holt is known primarily for publishing mathematics, language arts, history, and science textbooks, but also publishes many children's books.

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