How Do You Get Your GED?

The American Council on Education offers the General Educational Development, or GED, across the United States for people who do not have a high school diploma. The GED test is available by making an appointment using the GED website to take the test at an approved learning center. Receiving a GED certificate is not the same as graduating high school, but is often accepted in its place.

The minimum age required for taking the GED test is 16, though some states set the minimum age at 18, according to Education Portal. As each state's requirements and fees vary, check the directory of state requirements for GED testing on the GED website.

Free and low-cost practice materials are available both online and through local education centers, such as community colleges and technical schools.

To schedule testing, register on the GED website and provide all relevant personal information necessary. The 2014 edition of the GED test contains four broad subject tests: language arts, math, social studies and science. Overall, the GED test is takes around 7 1/2 hours, according to Education Portal, but the four subject tests need not be taken in one sitting.

Test scores are accessible online shortly after completing the GED test. As of 2014, a minimum score of 150 is required to pass the test, with those who achieve scores of 170 or higher receiving honors diplomas.