What Is a GDI in Greek Life?

A GDI is someone who does not participate in Greek life on a college campus. Someone who does not participate in Greek life is not a member of a fraternity or a sorority.

The term GDI can be a term used as a jab or an insult, but many take pride in it. The decision to become involved in a fraternity or sorority is a personal decision for each person on a college campus. While the organizations have some definite social perks, there are also a number of downsides that GDI students avoid.

The number of parties, events and time spent on social events for fraternities or sororities can take a toll on students. The students that choose not to participate in these groups and their activities actually have more time for studies, sleep and are not limited by the house rules. Many of the rules in a fraternity or sorority dictate who you can be friends with and who you are allowed to associate with due to house rivalries.

Not joining a sorority or fraternity does not mean that you are not allowed to attend events. A large number of the events held are philanthropic and are held to raise money for charities and organizations. These events are normally open to the public or the members of the house can invite anyone they want, whether the people they ask are a member of the house or not.