What Is a Gary Stu Character?

A Gary Stu character is an unrealistically stereotypical male character. Gary Stus usually embody characteristics that are classically male, including a muscular physique, scarring to emphasize a dangerous lifestyle and possessing extremely desirable cars and weaponry.

There are different varieties of Gary Stu characters. Whereas the most common Gary Stu fits the macho-man, rugged cowboy stereotype, another common Gary Stu character is the romantic. This character is extremely attuned to his love interest and is an idealized version of what women want in a man. There is also Geeky Stu, who lacks physical prowess but is able to use his intelligence to succeed in difficult situations. Geeky Stu often has a much brawnier sidekick who is willing to fight but is always under Geeky Stu's orders.