What Are Some Games That Teach Elementary School Math Concepts?


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Some games to teach elementary school math concepts include multiplication bingo and dice games to teach addition and probability. These games are designed to help children practice mentally calculating numbers and using strategic thinking, states Scholastic.

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Multiplication bingo is suitable for third through fifth graders and is used to practice times tables. The teacher uses flash cards with multiplication problems, and students use bingo game cards to select the correct answer. The teacher can end the game when a student fills in a complete row correctly.

One dice game may involve having students roll two dice and sum their numbers mentally. The dice rolling can continue for a period of times as students have to keep track of the sum of previous dice rolls. Another option is to have children make a grid with a maximum number, having the children roll the dice and add the results until that number is reached. Children can also spot patterns from the dice rolls to practice probability.

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