What Are Some Games for Prepping for Math Tests?


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Some games to help prep for math tests include “Equivalent Fractions,” “Alien Angles” and “Making Change.” From fractions and geometry to basic counting skills, these engaging and educational games can help students prep for different types of math tests. These Flash-based games are available on MathPlayground.com and MrNussbaum.com.

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What Are Some Games for Prepping for Math Tests?
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In “Equivalent Fractions,” students assume the role of a racing supervisor directing different teams to their designated starting areas. Each team’s logo is either a numerical or visual representation of a different fraction, and students must use their knowledge of equivalent fractions to send teammates to the right areas. This is a quick, simple game that’s an obvious choice for students preparing for fraction tests.

“Alien Angles” puts players in control of a powerful telescope searching for alien life forms. Each round, players receive reports that direct them to search for aliens at certain angles in the sky. They must then adjust their telescopes in order to search for aliens at the correct angle. The game emphasizes visually estimating the degrees of angles, making it ideal for students preparing for geometry tests.

“Making Change” puts kids behind the counter of a pet store, working the cash register. Looking at the total cost of the purchase and what the customer paid, players must calculate the correct amount of change using dollars and coins. The game is useful for young children learning the basics of currency and measurement.

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