What Are Some Games for Children in the First Grade?

What's Gnu, Chutes and Ladders, Connect Four and Scrabble Junior are suitable games for children in grade 1. Games that help develop areas such as fine motor skills, basic math, spelling and turn-taking are beneficial to children in this age group.

What's Gnu involves spelling three-letter words, which is useful for helping children practice their reading and spelling skills. Scrabble Junior also involves spelling words, but there are word clues on the board, which is helpful for children who are not confident with spelling. Chutes and Ladders is useful in teaching turn-taking as well as counting, as the children have to count how many squares to advance during each turn. Connect Four teaches both strategy and sequencing as the game is played by trying to create a line of four game pieces in the vertical game board while blocking the other player from creating a line of four pieces.