What Games Can You Use to Teach Math to Fourth Graders?


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In order to teach math to fourth graders, the following games can be used: "Can You Beat My Fraction?," "Check My Math," "Shape Your Math" and "Name that Number." These games allow children to practice the key mathematical skills they are developing in the fourth grade: adding, subtracting, multiplication and working with fractions.

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What Games Can You Use to Teach Math to Fourth Graders?
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In "Can You Beat My Fraction?" the two players get half a card deck each, with face cards removed. They each draw one card first, which is the numerator of their fraction, and then another card, which is the denominator. The object of the game is to compare the two fractions correctly. The player with a larger fraction wins.

"Check My Math" also involves a deck of cards without face cards. The players draw two cards from the deck and make a two-digit number with them. Then they draw two more for another two-digit number. The players must multiply one number by another and check their answer using a calculator.

"Shape my Math" is about making triangles with different side lengths and angles within the triangles. The players have five measurement rods and create different combinations with any three of them at each turn. Points are given for identifying types of triangles and angles correctly.

"Name that Number" involves number cards again. Five cards are drawn first and laid in a row. Then a sixth card is shown to the players. Whoever can add or subtract two cards from the five and have the same number as on the sixth card as a result wins.

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