What Games Are Available Through SuccessMaker From Pearson Education Inc.?


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Although SuccessMaker mostly is known for its math and language arts curriculum and assessment program, it does offer an iOS app with math games that focus on speed, notes EdSurge. These math games are designed for students in grades one through six and focus on basic addition, division, subtraction and multiplication skills.

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SuccessMaker's math app is called SuccessMaker Speed Games, and it has 48 levels of content. Students get awarded for each math problem they get right, and they receive a ribbon when they get a certain number of questions right, mentions CNET. As students collect more ribbons, they get access to additional levels of content. The app features a scoreboard for kids to see their progress, and kids work to complete all levels and increase their recall time.

In addition to this game app, SuccessMaker offers a computer-based learning program that focuses on state standards. It adapts to students' performance in content areas and is individualized and adaptive, states Time 4 Learning. The program is helpful to teachers because they can track students' weaknesses and adjust the program so that students learn effectively.

SuccessMaker's curriculum focuses on literacy for kindergarten through eighth grade students, while the math materials cover topics that include algebra, geometry, data analysis, probability, measurement and number sense, mentions EdSurge.

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