What is the Gaelic word for grandma?


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The Gaelic word for grandma is Maime�� (MAM-o). Alternate spellings include Mam�� and Mahm��. This term could also be translated as "granny." Another Gaelic term of endearment for a grandmother is M��ra�� (MO-ree).

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Maime�� and m��ra�� are both terms that would be used to address a grandmother directly and informally. The Gaelic word for grandmother is seanmh��thair (shan a WAW her). Other spellings of this term include: seanmhair, seanmathair and seanmathair. This term translates literally to "old mother" and is not often used to refer to a grandmother directly. Other ways to refer to a grandmother include m��thair mh��r (maw her aWOR) and m��thair chr��ona (MAW her KHREE un na), which translate to "great mother" and "wise mother," respectively. M��thair mh��r and m��thair chr��ona, like seanmh��thair, are more formal terms. The Gaelic term for great grandmother is sin-seanmh��thair.

Gaelic children also use the term m��ra�� to refer to their grandfathers. Another informal term for grandfather is daide�� (DADJ-oh). The formal term for grandfather is seanathair. In Irish culture, children are frequently named after their grandparents. Grandparents tend to have great influence in the lives of their grandchildren.

Irish children still use Gaelic terms to refer to their grandparents, but the term has not expanded past Gaelic culture in the way that other terms have, such as the Italian Nonna or the German Oma. This is probably due to the difficulty of pronunciation.

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