What Are Some Funny Survey Questions?

The Internet is a popular source of serious information, but it has also become a place to answer surveys and quizzes designed to make people laugh. The surveys available on the Internet feature funny questions about everything from personal quirks like, "Do you sleep with your sheets tucked inside or out?" to "What kind of dragon would you be if living in a Dark Ages fantasy novel?"

Funny surveys and quizzes circulate all over the Internet, especially on social networking sites such as Facebook. Popular host sites with humorous surveys include Quizopolis, BuzzFeed, and Bitecharge. Other funny surveys can be found on personal blogs, in widely-circulated memes and occasionally even on satire sites like The Onion.

Some of the funny surveys circulating online include topics like "How Big Of A Klutz Are You?," "Who Were You During The Renaissance?," "Are You A Dolphin?" and "How Much Of A Christian Youth Group Kid Were You?"

The humor found in many surveys comes from selecting from a group of photographs that lead to a funny personality characteristic. Many surveys also generate silly questions designed to generate laughs and funny responses. Among such questions found online include "Have you ever stolen a street sign?," "Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?," "Can you curl your tongue?" and "Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?"