What Are Some Funny Speech Topics for a 7th Grader?


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A 7th grader can draw upon experiences that his peers have while in junior high or younger and make jokes when describing them. Some experiences a typical 7th grader can write a speech about include embarrassing moments, memories of earlier childhood and events that have occurred in school.

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Seventh graders may give speeches for school, after-school clubs or other social events catered to young adults. A good speech is not just about how it is given, but what is being said. Having plenty of quality material in the speech is important. A speech that is designed to be humorous is a failure if the jokes are bad or there are not any jokes at all, even if the delivery is perfect.

On the other hand, a humorous speech does not have to be funny for the entire time the speaker is speaking. Humorous speeches are also good opportunities to teach lessons about current or important topics. Making people laugh may be a good way to convince them about a certain idea. Weaving education and facts into the speech with humor will leave the audience entertained and enlightened. No matter what is in the speech, it will always get better with a little practice, so rehearse before giving it.

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