What Are Some Funny Quotes About Running?

Funny quotes about running include Frank Shorter's statement that "You have to forget your last marathon before you try another" and Rita Rudner's quote that morning joggers look tempting to passing motorists. In addition, Franklin Jones says that it's too late by the time a runner realizes that he's not in shape for running, Milton Berle says that running adds years to his life, and Neil Armstrong adds that people only have a certain number of heartbeats.

In his quote, Shorter adds that forgetting the last marathon before running another is necessary because in order to successfully complete a marathon, a person's mind can't remind him of what running a marathon requires. Rudner says that morning jogging is not healthy. Rudner says that if morning joggers knew what morning motorists think of them, they would go home and exercise with sit-ups instead.

Jones adds that because of the nature of running, a person doesn't realize he's too out of shape to run until it's impossible to walk back to where he started. Similarly, Robin Williams says that he loves running because it makes him feel like a hamster on a track. Armstrong adds that because he believes that each person only gets a finite number of heartbeats in his life, and he is not going to spend any of his heartbeats running.

A similar quote is Berle's quote that connects running and good health. Berle says that his doctor told him that running adds years on to a person's life. Now that he runs, Berle says that he feels 10 years older.