What Are Some Funny Irish Slang Sayings?


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One funny Irish slang saying is that someone is "acting the maggot," which is a humorous way to say that someone is messing or fooling around. If someone says that something is "bang on," it means that it is accurate or correct, while calling someone a "boyo" is a way of saying the person is a male juvenile delinquent.

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When something is terrible or awful, the Irish say it is "brutal." To make "bags of something" is to do a botched job. When someone wants a little bit of something, they want a "biteen." When it's raining, it's said to be "bucketing down."

Children are known as "chiselers," while left-handed people are "ciotogs" and people from the country are known as "culchies." To ask for the latest gossip, someone asks "How's the craic?" A lazy person who is not working while on the job is a "dosser," while something that is wonderful or fantastic is "deadly." To say "Hi," the Irish say "How's she cutting?"

A tough guy in Ireland is a "hardchaw," while an unliked male is a "langer." To get "locked" is to get very drunk. A "sleeveen" is a sly and devious person, while a person who is as "weak as a kitten" is someone who is very tired.

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