What Are Some Funny Discussion Topics?

Some funny discussion topics include "Is cheese the best food in the world?," "Should shoes be worn in the house?," "Are girls cooler than boys?" or "Are we aliens?" It is best to keep away from political or religious topics as those often spark more serious debates that can escalate quickly.

Whether the topics are for a lighthearted get-to-know-you session or used in an actual debate setting, funny topics offer a welcome change of pace from those that are more serious. While the list is infinite, choosing a subject that is close to a person's interest, or even one that he or she is passionate about, makes the discussion much more interesting.

Some suggestions include:

  • Are men or women more complicated?
  • Is kissing better with the eyes open or closed?
  • Is an Australian accent or a British accent better?
  • Is "American Idol" or "America's Got Talent" better?
  • Does regular water or bottled water taste better?
  • Is comedy an art form?
  • Should there be a twerking course in gym class?

To make the debate even more interesting, follow official debate rules. Choose a pro and con side to the debate, and have each side start with its opening statement. Allow a set number of minutes for each side to begin, then allow each side to counter the other.