What Are Some Funny Boat Names?


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Some funny boat names are Unortho-docks, Pier Pressure and Sea-Battical. Funny boat names might come from a pun, such as Rock Bottom, or from a reference to popular culture, such as Usain Boat. In addition, vices such as alcohol consumption and womanizing often produce funny boat names.

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A funny boat name that references divorce is Grounds for Divorce. She Got the House is another boat name that references splitting assets during a divorce. Along with divorce, another popular category for funny boat names is a mid-life crisis or wanting to spend more time relaxing. These themes might produce boat names such as Midlife Crisis Given Shape and Aboat Time.

Other funny boat names allude to the often large financial cost of owning a boat. Some names incorporate both a pun and a complaint about the cost of boat ownership such as the name Reel Big Financial Responsibility. By contrast, some funny boat names, such as Tax Sea-vasion, comment on potential benefits of boat ownership.

A funny boat name might reflect the personality type of the owner or reference one of the owner's interests. Boat names that play on vices to create funny titles include On the Rocks and Tail Chaser. Another funny boat name that incorporates both a pun and a vice is Feeling Nauti.

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