What Are Some Funny Anecdotes?


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One example of a funny anecdote is about the tragic death of a Russian official. The Russian authorities surmised that the man was murdered by three Central Intelligence Agents named Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Johnny Walker. Another example is about Cary Grant and his reluctance to disclose his age. One day he receives a telegram from a determined journalist which reads "How old Cary Grant?" Grant replied by saying "Old Cary Grant fine. How you?"

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An anecdote is a short and amusing story that often depicts a real life and specific situation or person. It is also a short historical or biographical account of an obscure nature. Humorous anecdotes are often confused as jokes, but the difference is that an anecdote isn't intended just for humor, but to reveal a truth or the essence of a character trait. .

Another humorous anecdote is about Winston Churchill and his poodle named Rufus. The love for Rufus was so great that he had a special dining place on the Persian carpet near the head of the household. One evening, as Churchill watched the movie "Oliver Twist," Rufus sat on his lap. When the scene came on where Bill Sikes was about to put his dog down, Churchill covered Rufus's eyes and ears saying "Don't look dear, I'll explain later."

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