What Are the Fundamentals of Nursing Exams?


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Some fundamentals of nursing exams include basic human anatomy and physiology, medication, metric conversions, various nursing care procedures and nursing jurisprudence. Also covered in nursing exams are assessment, alcoholism, cancer and informed consent. Some exam fundamentals regard the basic roles and functions of a nurse, while other questions are more specific to various conditions.

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The fundamentals of nursing encompass a variety of topics such as the profession of nursing, communication, safety, and asepsis and infection control. Nurses also need to understand rest and sleep, pain and pain management, nutrition, and oxygen. Other basics covered in nursing include roles and functions, ethics and values, goal setting, and the purpose of the nursing process. Communication fundamentals involve defining communication, the goals of communication, and the various types of communication used in nursing.

When studying infection control, nurses should pay special attention to defining and understanding symptoms, understanding the immune system and immune responses, and knowing the types of antiseptics, disinfectants and sterilization. Fundamentals of sleep and rest include states of consciousness, the sleep cycle, factors that influence rest and sleep, meditation, and psychoactive drugs. Nurses should also be able to identify and define the types of pain as well as knowing how to manage them.

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