What Are Some Fundamental Elements of Short Speeches for School?


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The most fundamental elements of short speeches for school are the introduction, the argument, the evidence, the explanation and the conclusion. The introduction provides information to an audience that explains the problem or topic that is being discussed. The argument portion of a short speech gives the speaker an opportunity to present evidence that supports a claim. After the evidence is discussed, an explanation of how the argument applies to the topic is needed. The conclusion needs to recap the topic, the argument and the evidence.

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If a speech does not include an argument, such as a speech about the life of a historical figure or a historical event, the argument section needs to be substituted with a section describing why the person or event is important. Back up this claim during the evidence section by providing several examples.

In addition to these fundamental elements, short speeches for school need to have clarity, good organization and impact. Because short speeches limit the amount of information that is discussed, focus on only the most important and impactful information in your speech. Additionally, short speeches need to be organized well to keep the audience's attention throughout the speech, and to make each point easy to understand.

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