What Are Some Fun Ways to Teach Multiplication Tables?


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Teaching methods that feature games, music, physical activity and art make multiplication fun for both students and teachers. To create new and engaging lesson plans, refresh studying standbys such as flashcards and multiplication tables by turning them into games.

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For example, "Flashcards at the Door" is a game that allows students to move while they learn. To play, have students form a line at the classroom door. Stand beside the door and hold up a multiplication flashcard as each student tries to enter or exit the classroom. The student must answer the problem on the card correctly before he can pass. If the student fails to answer correctly, allow him to stand aside and work on the problem as the game progresses.

Music is another great way to get students engaged; a study at UC Irvine found that listening to music boosts memory, so try pairing multiplication facts with a memorable beat. SongsForTeaching.com offers a wide selection of educational songs that are useful in any classroom. For added fun, print off the lyrics and have students sing along.

Additionally, websites such as Multiplication.com, TeachingIdeas.co.uk and CoolMath-Games.com offer an array of suggested games and activities that can be used to teach multiplication tables inside and outside the classroom.

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