What Are Some Fun Ways to Pick Baby Names?


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When choosing a baby's name, parents can get other people involved and search for inspiration from a variety of different sources. Some fun ways to pick baby names include pulling out the family trees for inspiration, making a game of it, picking names based on landmarks or geographical locations, looking for trends from different countries or eras and choosing from names from the end credits of a film.

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Some games that expecting parents can play to pick out a name for their newborn are writing down the names of three new people they meet each day or playing "This or That." To play "This or That," the couple starts off with two names they like, and one partner chooses the name they like better. The next day, the chosen name is pitted against another name they like, and the other partner chooses the preferred name.

To pick landmark or geographical names, couples can grab an atlas, a globe or a map and stick a pin anywhere on the surface. The baby's name can be related to wherever the pin lands. Otherwise, the parents can generate a list of places that have meaning to them, such as places they've visited, where they had their first date or the place they first met, and pick a name from that list.

One slightly macabre way to choose a baby name is to visit a cemetery and look at the names on the tombstones. Census records are another way to search for creative and vintage names.

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