What Are Some Fun Ways for Kids to Research Sharks?

Researching and learning about sharks is often more fun for kids when parents and educators integrate games, crafts and creative activities. Many kids are naturally curious about sharks and are eager to do independent shark research. Discovery Channel's annual "Shark Week" often generates more excitement about the sea creature, and it offers a fun setting for research and learning.

Allow students to work in small groups to create charades-style skits that depict a fact from the previous night's episode after they conduct additional research, and then let each group present its skit to the class. Encourage kids to think of questions they want to research as they watch "Shark Week" videos.

Use the facts gathered from researching to make fun games that expand children's shark knowledge. Match facts to toy models or pictures of the correct species, make flashcards, or create a memory-style game matching shark teeth with the appropriate species.

Craft projects are an effective way to make research and learning fun for younger children. Make shark hats from construction paper and fin or head templates, and let students wear the hats while they do their research. Create shark puppets from paper bags, and encourage the kids to write fun facts on the bags before they put on their own puppet show.