What Are Some Fun Team Names?

Some fun team names include "Goal Diggers," "Agony of De Feet," "Scrambled Legs," "Twisted Blister" and "Runs N Roses." FunnyTeamNames.com and TeamNames.net provide lists of team names for various sports and competitions.

TeamNames.net provides a random team name generator that makes up team names completely randomly or based on user-entered data such as country, state, city, color or anything else. It also provides lists of All Team Names, Top 101 Team Names and Fantasy Team Names. "Victorious Secret," "Big Test Icicles," "Scared Hitless," "e-Lemon-ators" and "The Cereal Killers" are samples from its list of Top Team Names.

FunnyTeamNames.com is an online source for funny team names for sports, charity events, fitness challenges, fantasy teams and more. Some team name categories include co-ed, movie-inspired, music-inspired, pun-based and team names for work. Some team names for work it provides are "Corporate Punishment," "Innovation Invasion," "Anchor Clankers," "Net Results" and "Quality Control."